Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Facts About Me. :)

Okay, here goes. I should have done this at the start of my blog, but, honestly it never crossed my mind to post some facts about me. But anyway, this is me.

#1. I am Christian!

#2. I am from the land down under. Australia! Yes!

#3. My favourite colour is purple.

#4. My favourite type of snack food is savoury. I love chips. Hot and packet-ed. And I love chocolate! Who doesn't? You know, I couldn't name ALL the food I love. I'll just say that I love food.

#5. I am the oldest of four children

#6. When I get older, I want to get married and probably have 4 children.

#7. I love Mini Coopers, although I would not want to own one. Too expensive.

             #8. My dream car is this type of Holden commodore. . No harm in dreaming though, right?

#9. I am learning Spanish. I pray that soon I will be able to speak fluently.

#10. I would rather dogs than cats. Sorry to the cats lovers, but they are just so creepy!

#11. My favourite music artists are tobyMac, Jamie Grace, Colton Dixon, Francesca Battistelli, Royal Taylor.... let's just say I have a whole LOT of favourite artists.

#12. I love to read. Unfortunately I am running out of books in my libraries. Almost all of them are not for a Christian girl to read. I have started to buy a couple of books off the internet.

#13. We have a pet albino ring-neck parrot, 13 chickens, 3 ducks and 3 miniature goats.

#14. I love drawing.

#15. My favourite top two movies are:
1. God's Not Dead
and 2. The Adventures of Tintin; the secret of the unicorn

And..... I can't think of anything else to say.


  1. Wow! I didn't know that you liked that type of Holden commodore! But that's cool :) Nope it doesn't hurt to dream :):) Yeah I know what you mean by finding it hard to find suitable books, why does it have to be so hard!!! You could maybe try Beverly Lewis??
    I have a question, what's you're favorite movie?? (ok 3 fav movies?)

    1. yeah. i only started liking commodores a couple of months ago. but only the sporty looking ones. :)
      I have read some Beverly Lewis books, but my libraries don't hold many of them :(
      i am going to edit this post about the movies part. i forgot about them! thanks for reminding me! read the fave movies part.
      what are your fave 3 movies?